Annaline | A little miracle | Birmingham AL newborn photographer

This might be a long-ish post, so forgive me.  I met my sweet friend Katie in elementary school.  She instantly became one of my best friends and we have so many good memories growing up!  I left Selma in the 7th grade & we lost touch.  Thanks to the magic of Facebook, we have been able to keep up with each other over the last few years.  A few months ago, she posted some news that shook me to my core.  She had inflammatory breast cancer.  And she was 29 weeks pregnant with a sweet baby girl.  Over the next couple of weeks, I became amazed at her attitude towards at all.  She is the definition of so many things…grace, class, fighter, survivor, mother, strength, Christian…just to name a few.  She underwent 4 rounds of chemo before “sweet cheeks” was born…God blessed them immensely by allowing the baby to stay safe & sound until full term & she was born healthy as can be.  I traveled down to their home to photograph baby Annaline, and big sister Bella along with Katie & her hubby.  She has the most beautiful little family, and it was such a joy to be able to see her again after all this time!  Katie will be starting back up treatments this week, so I’m asking all of my prayer warriors out there to lift her up.  I love her little slogan she’s adopted…”God is writing my story”.  He sure is sweet girl, and I just know you’re going to come through this like a champ with one heck of a testimony!  

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